Designed for overwhelmed professionals in their 30's and 40's to stop overthinking, find clarity, become more motivated, build confidence, and most importantly, stay consistent.


Learn how to overcome the fears that stop you from setting and achieving your goals, whilst improving your mental, physical, and spiritual health. 


Without spending £1000’s! 

Reach your mental, physical, and spiritual goals in just 90 days!

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Life – We either attempt to go through the struggles on our own or rely on those who probably have their own challenges to overcome.


There are a number of mobile applications that remind you what and when to eat, how to keep fit, to meditate, sleep, de-stress. and so on. We constantly try new routines, fads, and diets. All of which never seem to last for long.


Why is this? Accountability. We seem to be ok with swiping past a missed task that the app told us we needed to do. However, having a trusted relationship that has been built around your betterment is a powerful tool.

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On this programme, you will learn everything you need to become more confident and learn how to set and achieve goals the right way. In just 90 days you will be in better shape, mentally, physically and spiritually and doing ALL the things that your current mindset is preventing you from. 



I even sent Mason a little video to demonstrate the impact his work had had - you know that ripple effect?  I’ve fixed my gut and diet so I feel amazing. I have got my head straight, and have all the new thinking patterns he taught us. He helped me to feel empowered enough to make MAJOR changes to my parenting to impact my kid's behaviour in a positive way, which was frankly ruining all our lives. 


THANK YOU!!! I’m now passing ok all this to the next generation...

Fleur Leslie 

Property Developer

Embarking on the 360° Programme has been life-changing and the best investment I have ever made into my wellbeing. It gave me a new perspective of myself, my life, and my future. The whole-person approach to wellness devised by coach Mason has revived me and allowed me to slowly develop a foundation to rebuild a healthier and balanced mind, body, and soul;- a new me in a short space of time. It required total commitment to maintaining real lasting results and the sense of achievement has empowered me to take full ownership of my future wellbeing.


Olivia King-Boateng

Entrepreneur and Social Activist

I realised in my second week into the 360º programme, that it was different and loved it immediately. Before the start I had only used meditation in the evening to get to sleep; doing this at the beginning of each day has made a massive difference.  I love the fact that it’s a group & we are all in it together - we all have our own goals & dreams but are going through it as a team, with Mason leading the way.Its amazing, motivating & has done exactly what Mason said it would...🚀


Sophie Stanymyr 

Photographer & Single Mum

An absolute game-changer. If I'm totally honest, I thought it may be a bit much i.e. too many things to do and if it would fit into my schedule, but it fit in well into my work and personal schedule. My biggest take away has been perspective and clarity, which has given me the confidence to move forward in a way that suits me. I'm actually excited to continue this growth.


Jamie Grey

Architect & Family Man 

Hosted by: Mindset Mason
Creator of The 360º Programme
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