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Just think of the things you said you wanted to start a year ago, whether it was the gym, the diet, less booze, saving money, etc. How much progress have you made? You may have given it a half-hearted attempt, which may have seemed like all your heart was in it at the time but looking back, you may feel you could've done better. Within this ebook, you'll be shown where you may have gone wrong, and the possible reasons why.

How about the situations in your life that cause you to feel, stressed, anxious, unhappy, fearful, and all the other emotions we'd like to have a little more control over? This ebook is for self-coaching, and learning how to coach yourself will support you through all personal growth attempts. 


(eBook excerpt)

'Becoming the best version of yourself is key for true happiness. But there’s a catch, knowing what makes us happy isn’t as easy as you may think. The key to happiness is knowing what you want, the key to knowing what you want requires to know yourself, it requires looking inside yourself, you need to be honest, brave, and connect to your inner-self probably the first time since you were a young child. I say this because as we grow up, we are moulded by external experiences, pressures, our peers… and making us lose sight of ourselves...'

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